Saturday, June 19, 2010

World cup Fever..

Hello Everyone..

Its been a looooonnnnngggg time since my last post..
I'm so busy with study + rugby...

Orait, let's move on to the thing that i want to share..
It's about FIFA World Cup..

Well, I'm supporting Brazil for this year World Cup..
Why I'm supporting Brazil??
This is because I love to see total football..
It's nice to see how the Samba played..
They're just born with the feet to kick a ball not 'balls' ahahaha .. (gifted and talented)
but i'm quite sad because my most favorite forward player (Ronaldinho) not in the squad..
I think Dunga has his own strategy to retain the World Cup..
Maybe Dunga doesn't want his youngsters feel inferior when Ronnie in the squad..
What ever your decision is, I'm supporting you Dunga..
Best of Luck Brazil..

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