Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Always be my baby - David Cook

We were as one, babe
For a moment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mine
Now you want to be free, yeah

So I'm letting you fly
'cause I know in my heart, babe
Our love will never die, no

You'll always be a part of me
I'm part of you indefinitely
Girl, don't you know you can't escape me
Ooh darling, 'cause you'll always be my baby
And we'll linger on
Time can't erase a feeling this strong
No way, you're never gonna shake me
Ooh darling, 'cause you'll always be my baby

I ain't gonna cry, no
And I won't beg you to stay
If you're determined to leave, girl
I will not stand in your way
But inevitably,
You'll be back again
'Cause you know in your heart, babe
Our love will never end, no

You'll always be a part of me
I'm part of you indefinitely
Girl, don't you know you can't escape me
Ooh darling, 'cause you'll always be my baby
And we'll linger on
Time can't erase a feeling this strong
No way, you're never gonna shake me
Ooh darling, 'cause you'll always be my baby

I know that you'll be back, girl
When your days and your nights get a little bit colder, oh, oh
I know that you'll be right back, baby
Oh baby, believe me, it's only a matter of time

You'll always be a part of me
I'm part of you indefinitely
Girl, don't you know you can't escape me
Ooh darling, 'cause you'll always be my baby
And we'll linger on
Time can't erase a feeling this strong
No way, you're never gonna shake me
Ooh darling, 'cause you'll always be my, my baby

(You'll always be a part of me)
You will always be
(I'm part of you indefinitely
(Girl, don't you know you can't escape me)
Ooh darling, 'cause you'll always be my baby
(And we'll linger on)
We will linger on
(Time can't erase a feeling this strong
(No way, you're never gonna shake me
(Ooh darling, 'cause you'll always be my baby)

Always be my baby...

Lagu ni layan..
David Cook nye suara mmg class..
Nk dgr lagu ni?
kt bawah skali ada playlist..
ada lagu nih..

Tipu, Bohong, Menipu, Ditipu...

Tipu, Menipu, Ditipu... sume nye sama..
kalo kita x mahu ditipu, maka janganlah kita menipu..
life is simple..
what goes around comes around..
kalo kita kuat tipu, kita deserve la ditipu..
if something happened in our life,
we have to look back our life in the past..
if we did something wrong, we don't have to wait till the end of the world (kiamat & akhirat)..

sometimes kita mmg ada rasa simpati ngn individu2 yg menghadapi masalah..
kita mmg rasa ingin membantu mereka..
tp pernahkan mereka sedar kenapa perkara2 sebegitu berlaku?
kenapa benda mcm ni terjadi?

mmg la dlm dunia ni xde yg perfect..
sbb xde yg perfect tu la kite kne berhati2 dlm hidup..
segala ape yg kite buat kite kne tau sbb dan akibat nye..
we have to consider what are the probable consequences..

sume org akan menghadapi cabaran dan dugaan di dalam hidup..
the difference is on how you deal with it..

some words from me to make us think...

Btol ke nih?

Your Body is 17 Years Old
Your body is younger than it should be. Congratulations!
You're taking good care of yourself, and it's definitely paying off.

Whether it's by accident or by choice, you're living a very healthy lifestyle.
Keep it up, and you're likely to live a long, vibrant life.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're ROCK !!!

The France team..

The AllBlack Team..

This is the picture of all the players not to forget the referee..

This was the last event involving all of us before leaving the college. We enjoy ourselves very much during the game. Special credit to YAB Aie for planning and organizing this event..

Friday, April 24, 2009


Kepada pelajar2 TESL Cohort 5,
Anda dikehendaki mengosongkan asrama selewat-lewatnya pada :

25 APRIL 2009 ( Jam 4 ptg)..

Sila pulangkan kunci kepada Penyelia Asrama..

Siapakah kami ini?
Binatang peliharaan kamu?
Balaci kamu?
Sohchai kamu?

Kami akan tetap mengosongkan asrama..
X perlu sampai menghalau kami..

Apakah dosa kami sebenarnya?
Ada ke di antara kami ini yang merogol anak perempuan kamu?
Ada ke di antara kami ini yang mengorat bini/laki kamu?
Ada ke di antara kami ini yang mengambil hak kamu?


Walaupun kami ini anak tiri dalam institut,
Kami masih ada maruah dan harga diri..

Warden selalu cakap psl common sense..
Pegi jahanam dengan common sense..
Kechek besa tahi dari jubo..
rupe laknat..

Ada di antaranya yang mempersoalkan tentang DUIT ELAUN yang kami terima..
LAyak ke awk dpt duit elaun?
layak ke awk gunakan duit org2 bayar cukai?

skng ni aku nk tny balik...
layak ke korg dpt duit gaji tiap2 bulan?

itu blom duit elaun budak2 yg dikebas..
BANGSAT punya manusia..

satu kplae ko kebas RM 200..
kalo 100 org, dh 20ribu..

mmg hidup makan duit haram jek la..
sbb tu xpenah puas..
pantang ada, sume nk kebas..

Pegi JAHANAM la wei..

Kesabaran ada tahapnya..
kalo dh smpi mcm ni keadaanya,
mmg sengaja mencari pasal...

here, u have the authority..
outside, u are just the same with me..
Kalo btol bagus sangat, meh kita 1 by 1 kt luar...

Remember this,
What goes around comes around ...

exam Dh abes ???

Pn Mazuria : Its 10.30 now.. put down your pencil.. Don't forget to fill the evaluation form..

after struggling this whole week,
exam has come to an end..
Now I can spent the rest of two months holidays with enjoyment..
I can sleep longer..
I can wake up late..

at first, everybody was so irritated by the exam schedule..
why they put 6 papers straight for the whole week?
aaarrgghh.. this is ridiculous.. we don't have enough time to study..
but, its good actually because we have the spirit of exam unlike if they put the gap between each papers..

Exam was good.. Two Thumbs Up.. hehe.. =)


If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling Blue

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me

I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be what I know best
A friend who's always there

Relax guys.. Jgn Emo..

Bersukan dan beriadah memang digalakkan supaya kita mendapat tubuh badan yang sihat dan mempunyai otak yang cerdas. Namun, tubuh badan yang sihat mungkin dapat di capai dan di peroleh, tetapi tidak kepada otak yang cerdas. kita beriadah petang2 dengan niat untuk mengeluarkan peluh dan bersuka ria bersama rakan, tetapi perkara yang sebaliknya terjadi. kita perlulah rasional dan be professional in handling any situations. jgn cepat naik marah, naik angin, naik minyak dan sebagainya kerana kita ini di program utk menjadi 'GURU'. xde org yg perfect.. sumenye akan ada melakukan kesilapan.. kita xboleh elak, tp kita boleh kurangkan.. marilah kita beriadah dengan perasaan yang gembira dan free from any conflict. segala silap dan salah harap di maafkan.. padang, padang punya cerita.. luar padang kita lupa.. MARILAH BERSAMA-SAMA MEMANTAPKAN PROFESSION PERGURUAN..

10 Essential Health Tips for MEN..

  1. Move more.. don't just sit in the room and playing video games.. find ways to make sure you move your body.
  2. Cut Fat.. avoid the obvious such as fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats. Eat according to the amount of energy that you use in a day.
  3. Quit Smoking.. smoking is harmful to your health. Plus you can use the money to buy another useful things.
  4. Reduce Stress.. what are the benefit for being stress? just relax, chill and live your life to the fullest..
  5. Protect Yourself from Pollution.. try to avoid be in the smoke-filled rooms, there were lots of smoke-filled rooms in our hostel.. haha..
  6. Brush Your Teeth.. it help to increase your confidence talking with people.. it'll make you look great and your smile can brighten your day..
  7. Be Aware of Prostate Cancer.. the best and easiest ways to keep your prostate in check is to make sure it's "cleaned out" often.. men should ejaculate for few days.. I'll leave this up to your imagination . But please, not too often.. haha..
  8. Answering the nature's called everyday (Shitting).. Shitting is one of the keys of success in study. If you manage to answer the nature's called every morning, you are actually in pink of health.
  9. Keep a positive Mental outlook.. we must living well and healthfully and having a cheerful outlook on life.
  10. Don't forget to pray (Solat).. Solat helps us to exercise our body 5 times daily. Plus 'sujud' helps our brain to relax. Our life will be much easier with the help from Allah and 'HE' will always protect us from any kind of evil.. aminn..

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Standing, from left : Iqbal, Chinok, Lolo, Barjeng, Abg Fendi, Atong, Shidi, Abong & Pit..
Bottom, from left : Ijol, Cash, Zola, Ah-Yamn, Jack & Me..

Venue : Padang Utara, Petaling Jaya..
Tournament : Ansara U-19 in 2006
Achievement : CUP Champion..

This picture was taken before our first game against Ansara Muadzam.

I Miss You Guys..

new comer..

4 org rakan sedang rancak berdiskusi dan salah seorang sedang smoking..
Suddenly, datang seorang brader berbaju Orange membawa bagasi..
tanpa memberi salam, brader tu terus menegur insan yg sedang smoking ni..

Abg berbaju orange : Boleh hisap rokok ke kt cni? ini kawasan asrama kan? Boleh ke hisap?

Smoker : Kene padam ke? (masih keliru dan agak blur)

Abg berbaju orange : Kene la.. ni kan kawasan larangan merokok..

4 org rakan tadi terdiam dan terpaku seketika.. kemudian meneruskan topic perbualan.. masih rancak berborak.. terus berborak menghiraukan Abg berbaju orange itu.. Tiba-tiba,

Smoker : Abang ni KPLI ke Lecturer?
Bob : Ke cikgu yang kursus 4 minggu tu?

Abg berbaju orange : Saya lecturer sini..

Smoker : Duduk blok H ni ke?
Bob : Duduk bilik mane? ke dok umah warden yg bawah tu?

Abg berbaju orange : Saya duduk umah warden bawah tu, umah En Razif tu la..

Smoker : (bermonolog dalaman) Pergh.. nasib baik lecturer.. kalo KPLI td mmg aku sound balik dah..

Bob : (juge bermonolog dalaman) Apa la bangang nk basuh baju bawak duit x cukup.. Baru aku nk sound, sekali lecturer da.. ish2.. frust2..

Abg berbaju orange : Saya tersalah bawak duit. Duit Hong Kong lak.. ni 5 dollar nih..

Bob : (monolog dalaman) Peduli ape aku ko bwk duit HongKong. ikot la 5 dollar ke ape ke..

begitu la sedikit sebanyak situasi dan dialog yg terjadi di meja bulat dekat ngn washer machine kt ground floor blok H..

Moral of the story : Don't judge a book by its cover... hehe..