Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm thinking of writing..

I'm back... (terminator voice)...

i'm thinking of writing this blog just like my daily journal entry..
this is the only way for me to practice my writing and enhance my vocab i should say..

time fly so damn fast.. i don't think that i am ready to go to school teaching..
i'm still afraid that i can't reach the standard.. sometimes i just feel like after 5 years, i'm still not developing so much.. frankly speaking I'm still confuse and in doubt about me being a teacher..
I just pray to god that He would grant me enough strength and patience to go through.. Insyallah..

about relationship.. I do have feeling for her but i don't think this is the right time.. I just simply love how things goes at the moment. we don't feel inferior to talk and share stories to each other.. I like her since the first time we met..

Yesterday was quite disaster for me and my teammates.. this is because we loss 8 goal to nil..
i just hope that each and everyone of us enjoy and cherish all the moments together.. It's not about winning the game, but it's about the bond of our friendship.. keep the faith and together we accomplish the mission.. :)