Friday, April 24, 2009

exam Dh abes ???

Pn Mazuria : Its 10.30 now.. put down your pencil.. Don't forget to fill the evaluation form..

after struggling this whole week,
exam has come to an end..
Now I can spent the rest of two months holidays with enjoyment..
I can sleep longer..
I can wake up late..

at first, everybody was so irritated by the exam schedule..
why they put 6 papers straight for the whole week?
aaarrgghh.. this is ridiculous.. we don't have enough time to study..
but, its good actually because we have the spirit of exam unlike if they put the gap between each papers..

Exam was good.. Two Thumbs Up.. hehe.. =)


Najwa_La said...

amboi...2 thumbs up tak tahan...
"cekgu, bg si haziq ni exam lagi 5 paper, tgk die bg 2 thumbs up ke tak?"
ahaha c:

Bob Ziq said...

boleh jek..
xdehal la...

FieQa AfiQah said... laz!! congrats bOb!
so,ape plan?balik trus ke g jln2??

khaL_eLLa said...


happy olidae... huhu..

Bob Ziq said...

thank you..
no plan at all..
pocket sudah koyak rabak terbakar..
so nk plan pon susah..

CaPiT said...

blik diet la bob!!

Bob Ziq said...

baik la apocalypto..
apocalypto skeleteng..

LonggoxAjma'in said...

best gle da abih exam...
cuti plak 2 bln...
mmg heaven ar idop...
tp kalo ade duit je...
kalo xde keje ar pe ag...

Bob Ziq said...

xdehal la..
aku tgh carik keje la nih..

Joseph said...

exam is not good.. i dont like exam.. im not a brainy guy.. huhu

Olive said...

yezza.exam dah abesh
mari kite berpoye2 sepanjang cuti