Friday, June 26, 2009


This is Canterbury ionx Baselayer (armourfit)..
I'll buy this item as soon as possible. But i'm still confuse wheather to buy the long sleeve or the short one. Long sleeve is quite stylo but i think it's not suitable for a foward player like me.. Ready Foward!!!!

This one is Canterbury ionx baselayer leggings (tight)..
This item is just an option for me. I'm still thinking about buying it. But, it still remain in my wishlist.

This is Stade de France Rugby team Jersey..
It seems impossible for me to get this jersey. it cost 75 euro or RM 400.
i can't get this jersey in Malaysia. A friend of mine in France said that it's quite hard to find this one because Stade de France already got a new set of jersey. whatever it is, i'll try to find it.. wherever you are..


Jalak Lenteng said...

duniawi ni beb..hhihihi..pahala..tu yg penting

Sakti Arjuna said...

nak beli je bob..apa pikir lagi..duit boleh cari..